Do you need to take stock of customer payments and ePOS solutions? For the business owner, processing customer payments with credit or debit cards this is now a necessity. We’re all aware of the high street losing cash machines and the banks closing branches, and with COVID-19 and the adopted restructuring of how you get payments will have to continue.

The disappearance of the cash machine on the high street prior to the lockdown made us all notice the cashless shift, but during, regardless of how many cash machines are out there, the need for cash when paying for food or goods has virtually disappeared over night, for numerous reasons.

Our favourite pubs and restaurants started to reinvent how they take payments and how our favourite menu items could be placed safely in our car boots. No matter how they did it this, they found a way! Many moved very quickly, some have yet to adopt the shift but Facebook and Instagram are littered with business owners saying they’ll be back soon, and they’ve got loyal customers waiting for this to happen.

For the ones that adapted quickly there is a real need for them to now source, or confirm that they have the right platform in place. It’s simply not enough to just take payments using a provider that could easily be accessed. The business model has changed and many could now find  their ePOS or kitchen management isn’t talking to solution they jumped into. Worse, what will happen when some normality is restored and there are multiple payment and order platforms in place? It’s a business owners nightmare and a scenario that could end up costing even more when the accountant comes to do the end of year.

Things could start to get little messy, some business owners may feel they’ve gone back 10 years and having to manually enter the days takings from a non integrated payments system and then there’s the order management! We could soon see something like an episode out of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares if they don’t get the orders and payment solutions in place, either talking to existing ePOS, or if they don’t have one, they certainly do now.

It’s easy to think that ePOS management is expensive business, it’s actually not! There are solutions that offer free apps but whatever the current position is, now is the time to get it sorted and this is for two main reasons.

  1. Orders and time management and making sure your business gets paid.
  2. That you’re not paying fees for customer payments and add on platforms beyond what you should be.

The above two elements are crucial to get good advice on, they certainly should be a priority and regardless of what you sell to your customers as the principles remain the same. Lending to the success of how a business navigated through the lockdown period, it would be disappointing to witness a business struggling just because they don’t have a seamless platform in place for all orders, payments, inventory and management. Not being able to grow with demand down to not having customer payments or integration right, would be an unnecessary loss to the community and to the business owner. A business surviving COVID-19 and lockdown needs to take advice and ensure the right solution is in place.

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