Can I Have Two Fish & Chips Please?

The past couple of weeks my local fish and chip shop opened its doors for car park pick up, the whole family was delighted. However, the excitement of picking up the family favourite got a little frustrating for me.

It wasn’t the service and as always the fish, chips and mushy peas were spot on! But while collecting and standing in the queue (sigh), I wanted to reach out to the owners who were so busy. I couldn’t bring myself to say something at the time and I didn’t want my fish and chips to go cold.

How the way you’re taking customer payment might be hurting your bottomline

The process they’ve adopted in these unprecedented times, is to call the number on the window and place the order over the telephone, while I’m in the car park.

Facebook and Instagram isn’t much different, local restaurants and pubs doing something similar by posting the menu for Sunday lunch on a post, then asking customers to call and order, pay over the phone, be given a collection time and they pop the car boot open for their food to be safely deposited in there.

Now, this may all go swimmingly at first, but my frustration is that a typical CNP (Customer Not Present) charge for a debit card is .50p + Authorisation fee, percentage rate for processing the payment, not even taking into account monthly standard charges for PCI and terminal rental, this method of taking customer payments probably isn’t sustainable long term and it’s likely you’re paying too much for processing debit and credit cards, using your chip and pin card machine.

Putting this into perspective, if you’ve opened up the doors for take-out food and beer doing delivery and collection, you may not be aware of how much those orders are actually going to cost you to take payment. I’m now talking to restaurant owners and landlords who’ve received their latest acquiring statements, some are eye watering and in some cases 50% more than they were before lockdown. It’s the CNP charges that are doing this!

The way your customers pay you has changed, you need to change the way you take these payments. If 100 food orders are taken a day, that’s a whopping additional £50 alone!

You can give me a call on 0800 975 0430 (which goes direct to my mobile) or drop me an email if you want me to take a look at your statement.

All you need is 5 minutes to make small changes

Taking 5 minutes to register an iZettle account will not only save on debit card processing fees, it will cut down on processing time and with the free POS apps keep track of inventory.  iZettle have reduced the pay by link, social buttons and online web shop, debit and credit card rates, currently at 1.75%, reduced from the standard 2.5% for CNP payments while were in lockdown. Yes, they will put them back up to the standard 2.5%, but the rumbles are this isn’t going to be anytime soon and it’s still a smaller price to pay for processing those payments.

The glowing advantage of an iZettle account is the no commitment, basically you pay the £19 for the card reader (discounted with our referral link below) and then you’re up and running.

The reader will always come in handy as a back up in the future (it’s a mobile reader), when the internet breaks in store or in the restaurant, you can whip out the card reader from the draw corner and still take customers payments. It doesn’t cost you anything for it to sit there!

It’s highly possible that you’ll be so impressed with iZettle costs and Free POS apps that you may learn to love taking customer payments all over again. What is for sure is that you have complete freedom with these guys and have access to flexible business tools you can turn on and off whenever you want to without being penalised.

It’s worth noting that iZettle will consider bespoke rates for processing, if you’re taking more than £8000 per month things start to get interesting! So blow away those thoughts of iZettle 1.75% and take a look at what you’re existing card machine is costing you, iZettle is simply transparent and you know what your payments are costing you!

In comparison, the cost to process a customer debit card for a £15 food order

iZettle Pay By Link 0.26p @ 1.75%

iZettle pay by link 0.36p @ 2.5% Once iZettle deem the rate reduction no longer needs to be applied

Using your card machine to take payments over the phone will cost in excess of 0.62p and that’s a whopping 4.13% and that’s before you terminal rental costs and PCI monthly charges are included.

The iZettle payment link solution to reduce CNP debit and credit charges, even if it’s just for COVID-19 lockdown

iZettle Payment Links allow you to get paid, whatever your location. Send a one-time link to your customer via email, SMS or social media messaging and they can click it to pay securely straight away. It’s an easy and cost effective way to take a payment, when your customer isn’t physically with you.

You can start generating the links and taking payments without the reader, although they’re fully stocked in the UK and arriving at your door 1 – 2 days.

Generate a Payment Link

Allow customers to pay by link over the phone or online in a few simple steps

  1. OPEN THE IZETTLE GO APP  To generate a link, first, open your iZettle Go app and add the products your customer wants to buy.
  2. GET A ONE-TIME LINK  Tap ‘Charge’ and then select ‘Send link’. Fill in your customer’s name or a reference (to keep track of your sent links).
  3. SEND TO THE CUSTOMER  Choose how you’d like to send the link, by SMS, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or email. .
  4. GET PAYMENT NOTIFICATION For peace of mind, iZettle will notify you once your customer has activated the link and their payment is successful.
  iZettle payment link SMS



Safe and secure

Payment Links are a safe option for both parties. Once you’ve sent the link to your customer, they enter their card details on their phone, tablet or computer. None of their information is stored, and as soon as they send payment, the link is deactivated.


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Grab yourself a cuppa and sign up in 3 easy steps, the process takes about 5 minutes to complete.

You will also get your iZettle 2 card reader for £19 usually £29

Accept it all. The iZettle Reader 2 takes chip and PIN and contactless payments from all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as payments through Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google PayGet iZettle Go

Alternatively you can complete the short form below for a call back to discuss all options with iZettle