mPOS iZettle Card Readers & How They Can Work For You?

iZettle Card Reader

If your customer card payments are less than £50,000 a year, it’s likely that an mPOS card reader solution is just the ticket. Although the standard card processing rate is higher than a traditional card machine there aren’t any additional costs associated with the service.

  • No monthly
  • No monthly fees
  • No PCI compliance fees
  • No minimum service charges
  • No hidden charges

If you’re a new start-up business, mobile trader or seasonal seller then the iZettle Card Reader 2 is a perfect solution to enable payments for your business.

Face to face card payments

Standard rate 1.75% for all contactless or chip and pin transactions, equal to 17.5p charged every £10. This isn’t too bad considering there are no other fees added and funds arrive in your bank within 2 days of taking payment.

SMS & invoice payment links

You can easily send payment links to your customers, perfect for the window cleaner and business providing a service. Your customer receives a link to make payment and the FREE iZettle Go app notifies you when the payment has been made. The standard rate for these transactions 2.50%, equal to 25p for £10

Hello Merchant Solutions can offer you the iZettle card reader 2 for the discounted price of £19, reduced from £29. We are able to do this through Card Industry Professionals and direct contact with iZettle account managers.

You will also get hands on advice with your reader, along with future guidance in taking the next step with POS systems and cost savings.

Get your iZettle Card Reader for £19 (Discounted)

FREE iZettle Go App

In order to send the charge amount to the card reader you will need to download the FREE iZettle Go app. This is available for iOS and android devices and can be used with  3/4G and WIFI enabled tablets also.

Perfect for the street food vendor or market trader and pop up shop. You can use the iZettle Go app to run reports and keep track of the products sold but if you’re doing adhoc sale amounts and don’t need to enter products then you can easily enter the amount manually.

You can also create gift cards and staff management, phone support is open 9am – 5pm weekdays.

Packing a bit more punch with iZettle POS integrations

iZettle integration partners

POS integrations to make things even easier for sellers are easy to link up to your iZettle platform. Some of the providers you’re probably lready paying a monthly fee to but there are no additional charges to link your iZettle card reader to the iZettle partner platforms

If you’re looking to buy into a hospitality point of sale, it’s worth considering the iZettle Food & Drink app and currently running with a 3 month free trial, then a monthly cost of £29.99 and 1.25% credit and debit card processing rates.

Free trials are worth a look at during the next couple months due to COVID-19 and additional lockdown restrictions. The 3 month trial will give you a bit of breathing space and allow you to assess taking payments in the future.

It is also worth noting that iZettle account management will consider reducing card processing rates, you can get in touch with me direct to discuss these options.

The free integration with your accounting software will let you import daily sales, fees and payments data into selecte accounting software.

It’s nice and easy to set up and you don’t need any technical knowledge and the accounting integrations will work with either the iZettle Go app or a iZettle partners POS software.

iZettle Accounting integration