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iZettle Card Readers

If your customer card payments are less than £50,000 a year, it’s likely that an mPOS card reader solution is just the ticket. 

Pay As You Go

No Monthly Fees

No PCI compliance fees

No minimum service charges

No hidden charges

iZettle Card Reader

Flexible & Versitile

Don’t take my word for it. Read the first few pages and see how this will change your life

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Why Choose Me For Your iZettle

Working in partnership with Card Industry Professionals I am able to offer iZettle card readers for the discounted price of £19 (exc VAT). By using my partnership dedicated link you can get in touch with me anytime and I am local in the Telford area. I can support you with queries and set-up of your new device.

Tracy Hazlewood


Face to Face Standard rate 1.75% for all contactless or chip and pin transactions, equal to 17.5p charged every £10. 

FaceTo Face 1.75%

Send SMS & Invoice links for payment when your customer is not physically with you 2.50%, equal to 25p for a £10 transaction

Links 2.50%

Registered Charity rate 1.50% for face to face transactions. You will need a couple of more documents to prove the charity status, I will guide you through the process.

FaceTo Face 1.50%

iZettle Card Reader 2 Only £19 + vat

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