iZettle Card Readers & Apps

iZettle Card ReadersDon’t overlook iZettle or be put off with the 1.75% transaction rate, when all things are considered the iZettle solution can actually work out being the economical solution for taking customer payments. Free Apps allow you to integrate POS and online gateways but the the real winner under COVID-19 lockdown is payments by SMS, for pubs and cafes doing car park pick up.


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iZettle Go is a point-of-sale app for everyday use. Your storefront and back office – all in one easy-to-use system.

Process all debit and credit cards, including American Express for 1.75% Invoice and SMS links usually 2.50% but have been reduced during COVID-19. If you’re processing more than £8000 in card payments a month, iZettle will negotiate a bespoke rate lower than 1.75%

Free app – No monthly charges

  • Flexible payment methods, integrated with your POS
  • Add stock easily, directly from the app
  • Email, text or print customer receipts
  • Create invoices with clickable payment links
  • Create SMS messages to customers phones to get paid

Keep using all your favourite apps in sync with iZettle – from accounting to analytics, POS systems to staff planning. With iZettles integrated partner apps, you get even more tools to build your business and keep everything running smoothly.

iZettle Pro Super fast service, made for restaurants, bars and cafés

Usual monthly cost £39 each connected POS device i.e. 1 x iPAD £39 per month. You can upgrade to Pro or even downgrade anytime in slower times to iZettle Go which has no monthly costs.

Card processing rates for all debit and credit card payments, including American Express 1.25%

The iZettle Pro point-of-sale app comes with additional specialised features designed to support food and drinks service.

Currently has a Free trial

  • Efficiently manage tables for better service
  • Let customers open tabs and split bills
  • Customise tables, buttons and workflow to suit your business
  • Get staff up and running quickly

Create a beautiful online store

iZettle E-commerce synchronises perfectly with our point-of-sale app, so you can run your business in store and online 24-hours a day, and manage all your sales and inventory in one place.

You can add iZettle E-commerce to your iZettle Go app for just £29 pm. Give it a try today and get your first two weeks for free and you can switch off and turn on anytime.

BEAUTIFUL, INTUITIVE DESIGN It’s a breeze to make an elegant website with iZettle easy-to-use tools. Plus, all your sales data integrates seamlessly with the iZettle Go app.
UNIFY YOUR STOCK, ONLINE AND IN STORE Whether you sell in a physical store, on social media, via a webshop, or all three – all your stock and sales sync automatically.
ACCEPT SECURE PAYMENTS Accept all major credit cards for a flat fee of 2.5% (currently reduced 1.75%) and PayPal payments for just 2%, securely process them.
DEPENDABLE NEXT-DAY DEPOSITS We deposit the money from your sales the very next day, and you’ll receive your funds within 48 hours.

Accounting and bookkeeping

Save time and simplify your bookkeeping process with seamless accounting software integrations.

Restaurant & Staff Management

Find the integration you need to track your sales, forecast future trends, monitor your restaurant’s supply chain or manage staff.


Pair iZettle leading payments technology with our partners’ point-of-sale software to create the perfect setup for your business.