Is the iZettle card reader the answer?

Every small business is different, but every one of them needs to get paid. The iZettle Reader 2 is quick to set up and easy to use, empowering you to accept credit card and contactless payments – whenever and wherever.

The simple iZettle card reader solution

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and cost effective solution to take customer payments with no fuss or long term commitment then the iZettle reader is quick and easy to set up. Once you’ve signed up to an account then it’s pretty much plain sailing from there and you can start to use your reader once it’s been delivered. But your new iZettle account opens the doors to so much more enabling you to create emails, text messages and invoices with payments links.iZettle Card Reader

FASTER CARD PAYMENTS The new iZettle Reader 2 accepts card and contactless payments 25% faster than other mobile card machines on the market.

A SAFER WAY TO PAY  With standout features such as transaction protection, payment data encryption and a tamper-proof design, you can rest assured that every sale you make is completely secure.

ALL-DAY POWER All-day battery life, lasting 30% longer than other mobile credit card machines on the market, and a stable Bluetooth connection. No cables. No hassle.

QUICK DELIVERY  iZettle deliver your reader in 1-2 working days. Receive a tracking number via email and SMS so you can keep track of your new reader along the way.

A huge advantage with iZettle is no lengthy contracts to agree to, the reader is a one off cost of £19 with Hello Merchant Solutions which is discounted from the usual £29. Complete the form below and once submitted the our iZettle referral link will be in the thank you text after submission, copy and paste the link into your browser and sign up with iZettle.

Sign up takes 5 minutes and certainly worth doing, even if you have the card reader as a backup for when your broadband or telephone line goes down on your regular card machine, at least you can still get paid!

Card processing rates are 1.75% and there are no other fees to pay, in comparison if your processing payments below £2500 a month you could be paying around 2.20% for your contract heavy terminal rental, card processing rates and PCI fees with other providers.

Getting hung up on low rates when processing smaller amounts on a monthly basis doesn’t really pay as your provider may have a MMSC (minimum monthly service charge) attached to your account. These charges range from £10 – £25 a month and put in place to guarantee monthly income for your acquirer. A lower rate means you need to achieve more sales to meet the MMSC or you’re left to pay the balance at the end of the month.

However, as your business grows iZettle have more solutions and rate reductions to offer and they’re always willing to listen and very approachable.

iZettle also gives you the ability to create products in their nifty free apps, these allow you to track inventory and a host of other tracking info, including reporting.

View more products videos for iZettle products and services. Free iZettle apps are available once you’ve signed up and created your account.

Get our referral link for your discounted iZettle card reader £19, the link will appear once you’ve submitted the following details. We only ask for these details as we have to close off the referral our end.

If you would like to chat about the options available or discuss if the iZettle option is best for you, we’re always happy to have a chat Contact US