Card Payment Processing

Not sure which card payment processing provider to go with?

It can be hard to compare card payment processing provider rates and services and how do you know you’ve got the right deal?

Tracy Hazlewood is a Shropshire independent payment specialist sourcing the right customer credit card processing solution for your business. My clients switch for many reasons, no business is the same. Next day payments can be a priority or lowering your monthly costs.

Usually it’s a mix of both, who doesn’t want a better deal with faster funding and why pay more?

For the hotel, pub or restaurant owner integrating your card machines with an existing hospitality ePOS can be a driving force to switch, or even looking to implement a new ePOS solution, we can do that too! Regardless of the reasons a health check by an independent payment adviser like us is a must for any business looking to streamline payment processes.

I enable you to make good decisions on terminal rentals, rates and so much more, all with transparency and good advice.

Taking Customer Payments with Chip & Pin Terminals

Working with several ISO’s (Independent Sales Organisations) I have access to; Elavon, EVO & iZettle payment acquirers. All provide chip and pin machines, virtual terminals, payment gateways and ePOS integrations to streamline your payments and orders.

Sourcing the better deal for your business I marry up terminal rentals, service facilities and payment processing rates and fees, you choose and make the right decision for your business!

Virtual Terminals & Online Gateways

Working with ISO’s and payment providers we listen to you and your needs as a business. Is the better rate always better? Not always, it’s about transparent pricing, customer service and practical solutions, which save you money.

All Virtual terminals and Gateways are 30 day rolling contracts and risk free. Integrating with over 30 popular shopping carts and mainstream account packages, the process is easy and fast to apply.

Virtual terminals allow you to take payments over the telephone at a set cost, this minimises the customer not present (CNP) charges which will be quite hefty if using a chip and pin machine. You

  • Take customer payments over the telephone
  • Reduce card payment processing costs
  • Multiple user access and administer access levels
  • Create invoice payment buttons
  • Create payment buttons for social media posts
  • Payment buttons for websites pages
  • Email payment links
  • Set up recurring payments

POS Integration

Wondering if you can integrate your POS software with your card terminals and/or website? Integrating payments with card machines can benefit a business hugely, the cost savings alone for eliminating incorrect customer sales on a card machine far outways the cost of the terminal itself! Saving  1.5 hours a week on cashing up at the end of the day or night is another cost saving, there are many advantages to a business integrating customer payments, time and the bottom line being the primary ones.

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