Compare iZettle Friendly App Integration

You will be surprised to learn that iZettle isn’t just another ‘Pay as You Go’ card reader. The offering goes beyond the competitive 1.75% for face to face transactions and 2.50% for online, invoicing and SMS link payments, there are numerous iZettle app integrations to make your business run smoother and more cost/time efficient.

The capability of the iZettle format goes way beyond what you may expect.

A comprehensive EPOS integration, working with iZettle’s bespoke pricing format the retailer or restaurant owner can easily access preferential rates, through the exclusive Card Industry Professionals partnership. Add in a full EPOS systems from either an integrating partner of iZettle’s or the FREE POS from iZettle themselves Izettle Go.

Rates can go as low as 1.1% for both credit and debit cards processed, depending on turnover and having an industry expert like myself will add benefit either now or in the future when it comes to rate negotiation.

When it comes to POS software and the standard rate 1.75% for face to face sales then a Storekit system could be just be the ticket. If you’re buying the Storekit hardware outright then there won’t be any monthly costs, the 1.75% card transaction starts to become an attractive proposition, flexing and able to move with COVID-19 rules as they’re introduced and finally lifted.

The iZettle offering with no monthly committment allows your ePOS and payments, if forced into a local shut-down will simply hibernate without any charges being applied.


If you’ve already bought into another ePOS provider and happy with the platform, then ou can still integrate iZettle payments with a number of providers. This is a simple process to integrate through your existing ePOS platform back office.

iZettle & Storekit EPOS Solutions

Add in the iZettle recommended StoreKit which includes iPADs, stands, cash draws, receipt printers and kitchen printers then you’re cooking and up and running in a couple of day, literally that quick/ StoreKit is available to purchase outright or with a Card Industry Professional finance plan, costing as little as £35pm for a a full kit.

EPOS providers who integrate iZettle card payments and can be run on Storekit


Designed to be a user-friendly interface that’s fast to use and easy to learn, minimising training time. Works seamlessly with existing or new hardware. All your data is synced to the cloud and accessible from anywhere.


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Lightspeed Restaurant

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Practi (owned by JustEat)

Practi is a powerful, all-in-one operating system for restaurants. Manage orders, payments and other day-to-day tasks in one, simple tool.

iKentoo (owned by Lightspeed)

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Kounta (owned by Lightspeed)

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Choosing the right POS provider doesn’t have to be a mammoth task but yes this is an important decision for your business. Many have FREE trial periods and it’s worthwhile taking a look around and having a play with a fictitious shop or restaurant. Get a feel for what works and pick one that has easy add-ons that can be easily removed.

The pandemic taught us about customer habits and the challenges that a pub or restaurant faced were really testing for most. The POS providers really pulled out the stops with Take-Away and online ordering platforms, look for a provider that was proactive and developed platforms when the chips were down!