My fields of expertise include digital transformation, fintech and integration of digital technology into all areas of SME business, fundamentally helping change and how you can operate and deliver value to your customers.

My digital career began in the early 2000’s

Taking the lead to develop and map out the UK’s largest regional newspaper group online presence. An integral part of this leadership was to drive the online format and retain readership through progressive verticals such as Jobs, property and classifieds online.

Growing in the early adoption of online websites and platforms, enabled me to pass on industry knowledge to the local SME to adopt websites and the online tech available at the time.

My fast and extensive progression in the industry paved the way to develop the newspapers event strategy, be the architect of the MNA Jobfinder platform in 2005 and be apart of an national and regional award winning digital newspaper team.

Late 2010 saw me take my own online clothing brand to an another level, an achievement of which I’m extremely proud of. My brand, although niche within 2 years became one of the biggest brands in it’s sector with 75% customer base in the USA, Canada & Australia. Highlights include UK TV production companies and the opening ceremony for the London Olympics. Attributing the success of my brand by embracing brand ambassadors, reviews and the niche community via Instagram.

After selling my business, I began to focus on Fintech (Financial Technology) and trained as a payments consultant at a root level.I’m a big believer in starting at the bottom, this is the only way to stay connected to real business issues and help push through the barriers.

Empowering digital change

Fast forward to 2021 as Head of Brand & Partnerships at a global digital transformation provider, my views and experience could hold some nuggets for the SME who may not be able to access industry expertise.

The digital shift 2020/21 and the pandemic has accelerated the need for all business owners, regardless of size to embrace digital transformation.

Having been the SME but blessed with 21 years of a broad expertise, I hope my posts empower you to embrace digital transformation, feel free to leave comments on my posts or add your own relevant experience to help others, drop me an email or head over to Linkedin to connect and message me direct.