iZettle card readers

Don’t overlook iZettle or be put off with the 1.75% transaction rate, when all things are considered the iZettle solution can actually work out being the economical solution for taking customer payments. Free Apps allow you to integrate POS and online gateways but the the real winner under COVID-19 lockdown is paymentsContinue Reading

Choosing a merchant service provider The merchant services industry can be a minefield to navigate, knowing which provider is the better fit for your business doesn’t have to be a hit and miss operation, this can prove costly in the long run. As a merchant services adviser, we listen toContinue Reading

Not sure which card payment processing provider to go with? It can be hard to compare card payment processing provider rates and services and how do you know you’ve got the right deal? Tracy Hazlewood is a Shropshire independent payment specialist sourcing the right customer credit card processing solution forContinue Reading