Choosing the right card reader for your business

Choosing the right card reader for your business is important. You will need to consider how your customers move around your premises and the quality of your broadband service. In partnership with Card Industry Professionals we can offer you a terminal contract length to suit you, monthly costs are tailor made to help support your business.

Acquiring banks are Elavon Payments, EVO Payments & iZettle and all pricing is transparent, you will always know what you’re paying for and there are no hidden costs.

Ingenico card reader
Pax Card Reader A920
PAX Card Machines
Spire Card Reader
iZettle Card Reader

Countertop card readers are connected by an Ethernet cable to your router. The terminals  available are: 

Ingenico DESK 3500 | PAX S800 | Spire Spc5

WIFI card readers connect using your broadband, it is important to consider the strength of your WIFI and that all areas in the business can get access to the WIFI signal. 

Ingenico Move 3500 | PAX S900 | PAX A920 | Spire Spg7 | iZettle Reader 2

GPRS & 3G card readers have become very popular with the hospitality industry due new pandemic restrictions, taking payments in the outside area becomes an issue when the WIFI or bluetooth will not reach into these areas.

Having at least one mobile card reader in a business can also act as a safety net if your broadband goes down.

Ingenico Move 3500 | PAX S900 | PAX A920 | Spire Spg7 | iZettle Reader 2

iZettle Card Reader 2

The iZettle card reader 2 shouldn’t be overlooked, this little card reader is dependable and flexible for any business.

Whether you’re needing a back up payment facility, in the event your broadband goes down or you need to reach into the beer garden to take payments, iZettle offers a perfect solution to any connectivity issues.

If you run a micro business or new to taking card payments,  iZettle may be the solution for you. With NO contract or monthly charges, it’s simply a pay as you go facility with 1.75% processing rate for face to face payments and 2.50% for SMS and invoice payment links.

You can get your iZettle Card Reader 2 for £19 with our unique referral link

If you’re looking for more than an iZettle card reader and interested in EPOS and integration, we can help with this also. Get in touch and we can chat about the full product range iZettle and Storekit have to offer.

iZettle Card Reader

Switching from your current provider

Many merchants worry about switching card payment providers, or may have had issues in the past when doing so. If done correctly then the switch is seamless for your business and by not exploring payment solutions you are more than likely paying more than you need to.